“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -- Albus Dumbledore

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This website has been created for the 8th grade students of Scribner Middle School to access their English 8 content online.

**Please read before sending Mrs. London a message...


If you have a question about an assignment or would like to send me a draft of an essay to look at, feel free to email me from your NAFCS Google account or message me on Google Classroom or the Remind app. I try to check my email at home, but please do not expect an immediate response — particularly if you're emailing me at midnight on a school night.  :-)


1. Yes, you can purchase my class syllabus on TPT!

2. If  you want your material to be more visually interesting for your students for free, try the websites Piktochart or – both of those allow you to make infographics based on different templates (or you can create your own!).

3. Interested in other digital tools? Check out my blog post here.  


Please email me if you have concerns about your child's performance or grades. You can check his/her grades at any time on INOW. If you do not have a login already, ask your child to pick up the registration form from the office. I would be happy to send you a PDF of his/her grades in the meantime. Please refer to the class policies page if you have questions about late work, absences, or any other items that may affect your child's overall grade.

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