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This website has been created for the 8th grade students of Scribner Middle School to access their English 8 content online.

Debate Resources

News Websites:

Donald Trump:

Hillary Clinton:

Research on Various Issues (can be used for both sides)

Some of these are quite long involving a variety of research/background on your topics, while others are just short poll results. These would be great to use to bolster your candidate's arguments (or to attack the opponents).


Debate Extra Credit Assignment

There are a few debates left before the 2016 presidential candidates are officially nominated. Watch ONE of them (either the republican or democratic debate) and complete the debate argument analysis paper + write your response to the debate. 

You can either open the Word document below and type on it while you watch, or you can print out the PDF and hand-write your responses.

REPUBLICAN DEBATE: 3/2/16 at 9 p.m. on Fox News

DEMOCRATIC DEBATE(S): 3/6/16 at 8 p.m. on CNN + 3/9/16 (time and channel TBD)

MLK vs. Old Major's speeches

Comparing the Speeches questions (for Venn diagram):

  1. What word does MLK use to address his audience? Old Major? How does he refer to them?

  2. When Old Major and Dr. King address their audience with the words listed about, what effect does that have? What rhetorical strategy are they using? Explain.

  3. What are the speakers attempting to inspire their audiences to do?
  4. How are Dr. King and Old Major’s messages similar? Different?
  5. Describe the specific conditions at the time of the speech. Who was benefitting from the conditions at the time?
  6. PROVE UNFAIRNESS: Who is suffering at the time of the speech? Provide evidence.
  7. What is the CALL TO ACTION? What do Old Major and MLK want their specific audiences to do?

"I Have a Dream" Speech Questions (for those not here last Thursday):

  1. The “rule of three” is a principle in writing that suggests that things that come in threes are naturally more satisfying. Where do you see the “rule of three” in each of the speeches?
  2. A rhetorical question is when someone asks a question that is not meant to be answered, but to set up for the next piece of information and answer the question himself. What rhetorical questions can you find in the speeches? What effect comes from these rhetorical questions?
  3. How does each speaker use figurative language (metaphor, similes, analogies, allusions, etc.)
  4. What does each speaker say must be done to achieve fairer conditions?
  5. How do the speakers use song effectively/ineffectively in their speeches?
  6. **What words help create the TONE in the speech? Identify 10 that you think are the best examples.


Animal Farm research resources

"Frankenstein" Assignment List

Below you will find a list of the assignments, quizzes, and projects for 2nd quarter regarding Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Be sure to record your assignments as you go to keep track of your work.

HOMEWORK / Participation:

1.      __________Mark the Text annotations

2.      __________Active Reading: Letters 1-4

3.      __________Google Classroom Discussion #1

4.      __________Google Classroom Discussion #2

5.      __________Google Classroom Discussion #3

6.      __________Group Discussion Leader (in class)

7.      __________Monster vs. Monster Illustration

8.      __________Quickwrites (7 to be done in class)

* There may be other additional assignments for review as needed.


1.      __________Vocab Letters 1-4

2.      __________Vocab Chapters 1-10

3.      __________Vocab Chapters 11-16

4.      __________Vocab Chapters 17-21

5.      __________Vocab Chapters 22-24

6.      __________Letters 1-4

7.      __________Chapters 4-6

8.      __________Chapters 11-14

9.      __________Chapters 18-20

*Spontaneous quizzes may be given over chapters not outlined here.


1.      Socractic Seminar – final in-class discussion and written responses worth a minimum of 50 points

2.      FrankenTravel (?) – research project

Funeral Speech Graphic Organizer


An appeal to the speaker's credibility.
Antony says, "When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept." That could be an example of pathos because it's appealing to the crowd's emotions (by encouraging them to see Caesar as a man with empathy for others)


An appeal to credibility would be like making the audience understand why you are credible or worthy of listening to.
Brutus says, "believe me
 for mine honour, and have respect to mine honour, that you may believe." By this he means, Hey, listen to me because I'm honorable, and because of the respect you have for me already, you know you can trust me. So, this is an appeal to the speaker's (Brutus) credibility. Basically, you're looking for examples of when Brutus and Antony try to remind the audience why they should be trusted.


An appeal to logic is trying to use reasonable logic to convince the audience.
Antony says, "You all did see that on the Lupercal
 I thrice presented him a kingly crown, Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?" This is an appeal to the audience's sense of logic because they would logically assume that if Caesar had the opportunity to be king and refused it that he's not actually ambitious like the conspirators say. 

August 3-7


  1. Computer lab to type "I Love..." essays
  2. HOMEWORK: Typed essay due tomorrow


  1. Share "I Love..." essays
  2. Anticipation guide / discussion for Julius Caesar themes.
  3. HOMEWORK: Anticipation guide response


  1. DLR #4: Simple Sentences
  2. Theme notes (link below for Powerpoint)
  3. Julius Caesar character quote predictions


  1. DLR #5: Simple Sentences
  2. Finish character quote predictions page + discuss
  3. HOMEWORK: Themes & Big Ideas (topics) in Julius Caesar written resposne

July 29-31

Welcome back to school! In case you missed it, here's what we worked on last week (the first week of school):


Introductions + rules and syllabus. Students filled out note cards with their contact information on them. We went over the syllabus and class rules.


We read through the "I Love..." essay samples and assignment. Students brainstormed their ideas for the essay. Students also picked up the GREEN vocabulary workbooks. You don't need to bring them to class until I tell you (in a few weeks). HOMEWORK: Rough draft due tomorrow.

FRIDAY, 7/31:

We spent the class revising and peer editing the essays. Mrs. London checked for completion. HOMEWORK: None, unless you didn't have a finished copy ready for class.

End-of-Year Party!

Here's the list of who's bringing what to the party on Monday:

  • Alexis: Sunkist
  • Alex: Sprite
  • Jasmine: Lemonade
  • Wajid: Dr. Pepper
  • Thomas: Root Beer
  • Kelly: Coke
  • Madi: Diet Coke
  • Logan: Cherry Coke
  • Mariel: Big Red

I don't remember who's bringing plates....but if someone could, that'd be great!

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