“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -- Albus Dumbledore

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This website has been created for the 8th grade students of Scribner Middle School to access their English 8 content online.

All of the rules, policies, and procedures for class are listed here for both students and parents. If you have any questions, please email me immediately. I hold my students to the highest standards, and failure to meet them is not acceptable.

Daily routine

1. Turn in homework due today.

2. Check the Homework Board and write down any homework for the day in your planner.

3. Complete the "Do Now" assignment — this may be grammar practice, a quick-write, or anything else to help get our day started.

Textbook & Materials

RED 1" binder (or larger)

Loose-leaf paper

Pencils and pens (blue or black)

Highlighters (a variety of colors)

Class novel (varies for each quarter)

For Your Binder:

The binder will need to be organized in this order:

  1. Syllabus / Hand-outs (e.g. assignments, vocab lists, worksheets)
  3. Notes
  4. Graded assignments


Grading Scale:

100-90    A, 89-80    B, 79-70    C, 69-60    D, 59 >    F

Grade Distribution: 

Homework     25%

Tests/Quizzes    30%

Papers/Projects    30%

Participation    15%

Grades will be available in the INOW Home Portal. Please check INOW regularly, and feel free to ask me any questions that you might have about a particular grade. I make mistakes, so this is your opportunity to make sure I've got everything correct! This can be done before or after class or via e-mail. Click here to access INOW.


If you are repeatedly tardy or repeatedly fail to bring your materials, points may be deducted from your participation grade. This is English class; you can assume you need your binder, paper, and a pencil EVERY DAY. No exceptions unless I tell you otherwise in advance.

Classroom Rules & Expectations

  • Students will maintain a respectful and positive attitude toward the teacher and classmates at all times. We may not always agree, but we will always be respectful toward each other.
  • Be prepared for class. This means bring the correct books, have paper/pen/pencil ready, and have all assignments (including reading) done in order to contribute to class discussions. 
  • Be on time! Punctuality is my biggest pet-peeve.  After your 3rd tardy, you will begin to receive detention in addition to losing participation points EVERY time you are tardy.
  • Don't leave drinks/food/trash in the classroom.
  • No sleeping in class. If you sleep, you will stand for the duration of the class period and lose all participation points.
  • iPads, laptops, Kindles, and other electronic devices that can be used for academic purposes may be used in class. However, if you are caught abusing this privilege (playing games, on Facebook, etc.), your device will no longer be permitted.
  • Cell phones must be kept in your locker at all times.
  • You are responsible for keeping all graded work. DO NOT throw away graded assignments until AFTER you receive your report cards/midterms. For example, If I make a mistake and put in a 37% instead of a 73%, you must have the paper with the grade written on it in order for me to change it.

Homework, Late Work, Tests, & Quizzes

Late work

Late work IS accepted; however, any work that is late will receive no more than a 50% (F).

Do not repeatedly ask me to enter your late work into INOW. My priority, first and foremost, is to enter in work that is turned in ON TIME. If my classwork isn't your priority, then entering your grade as soon as you turn it in isn't my priority

LIFE HAPPENS! If you are having issues at school or at home, have a huge exam coming up for science, or realize you need more time to complete your absolute best work for any other reason, e-mail me and request an extension. You must come talk to me or e-mail me the day before for the extension to be granted. Do not come in 5 minutes before class without your assignment and expect extra time.

Typing Assignments

All typed assignments must be in 12 pt., Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and have 1” margins with your name, class period, and date in the top left corner with a centered title. In addition to the library and computer labs, Mrs. London has 4 computers for students to use in her classroom to type/research.

Assignments turned in via My Big Campus will not receive extra credit.

Extra Credit


There is one main way you can earn extra credit: type your assignments! (+1 point). While all of your formal papers/essays must be typed, you are encouraged to type your homework and other assignments that get turned in. This improves your typing and computer skills and also makes your work look more professional. Other extra credit opportunities will be announced at Mrs. London's discretion; extra credit will not be offered to individual students. Some extra credit opportunities will only be announced via the class text messages — therefore, you should sign up for them if you can!

Failing a Test/Quiz

If you fail a test or quiz, your parent or guardian must sign the test acknowledging she/he saw your grade. It must be brought back and turned in to Mrs. London within two days if you want to be eligible to retake the test/quiz.


When you are absent...

It is your responsibility to check with me the day you return to class to find out what you missed. YES! We did something important while you were gone; class does not stop because you are absent. I will not seek you out in class or e-mail you unless you contact me first. There are 120 of you and 1 of me; I will not remember everyone who is absent every day. Check the absentee folders (or class website) to find any handouts you missed. 

Any assignment you are absent for will be entered as a zero until it is turned in. I will not "track you down" or take time out of our normal class period to make up work. You must use your Core+ time or come in before/after school to get it taken care of.

My assignment was due while I was gone... now what?
E-submission policy

You are always welcome to e-mail me your assignments. There is no excuse to not have an assignment in on time. PRINTER ISSUES ARE NOT AN EXCEPTION. Under no circumstances will I accept late papers or assignments that you've known about for several weeks due to Internet or printer issues. Your assignments must be e-mailed to me by 4:30 p.m. the day it’s due in order to receive credit. Papers or advance assignments not turned in in-person or via e-mail will receive an automatic zero.

Cheating & Plagiarism


To plagiarize is defined as taking ideas and writings of another and passing them off as one's own. Students caught plagiarizing will be given no credit for plagiarized work, and students who allow others to copy their work will also receive a zero.
Plagiarism includes:

  • turning in someone else’s paper as your own
  • copying a friend's paper 5 minutes before class (or having another teacher catch you copying work in his/her classroom)
  • failing to cite a source 
  • copying an author’s exact words and passing them off as your own

Copying an entire article from Wikipedia, for example, and passing it off as your own work is plagiarizing.
You can guarantee I will Google anything that doesn't sound like YOUR words.


I will notify the administration and contact parents if cheating is suspected.

» The student will be given a failing grade for that particular test, assignment, for the grading period, or for the semester.

Students involved in cheating may be excluded from any/all school activities. 

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