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A Raisin in the Sun: Vocab List #2

Here is the 2nd vocab list. You already have this on the paper from last week's vocab. The quiz will be Friday, April 11. 

*Remember: If you want to retake last week's quiz, you have until TUESDAY, April 8.

1.     assimilationist: advocate of blending in with the culture

2.     bastion: strong, secure stronghold

3.     beseechingly: in a begging or pleading manner

4.     evading: eluding

5.     forlornly: looking pitiful, desperate or hopeless

6.     haphazardly: without care; characterized by chance

7.     heathenism: “religion” of those who don’t believe in God and/or are uncivilized

8.     inappropriately: unsuitably; improperly

9.     indignantly: righteously angry

10.   insinuatingly: with more meaning than the spoken word

11.   mutilated: maimed; damaged

12.   quizzical: puzzled; confused

13.   raptly: in a deeply engaged manner

14.   recitation: reciting a memorized speech

15.   suppress: to keep secret

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