“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -- Albus Dumbledore

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This website has been created for the 8th grade students of Scribner Middle School to access their English 8 content online.

Jan. 5-9


  1. New year resolutions! What do you want to improve on this year?
  2. Unwind vocab list part 1 — look up the definitions for homework; we'll discuss the answers tomorrow.
  3. Argumentative writing notes (will continue tomorrow if we don't finish)


  1. Vocab review #1
  2. Anticipation guide for Unwind
  3. Philosophical chairs debate over anticipation guide topics
  4. Pass out Unwind books

2nd period BLOCK:

Continue Forged by Fire


1. Go over vocab homework

2. Begin reading Unwind

3. Quickwrite: For the society in the novel, unwinding is their choice instead of abortion. What are the differences between the two procedures? What are the positives & the negatives? Which choice do you think is better? Why? What makes the other choice worse? 

***Remember: You must write at least ½ page for each quickwrite we do in class. If you don't finish at school, make sure all 4 responses are complete before they are collected. Writing won't be collected until both sides of the paper are full. These will count as participation grades.

1st period:  finish ch. 2 and read ch. 3

4th/6th periods: read ch. 2

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