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This website has been created for the 8th grade students of Scribner Middle School to access their English 8 content online.

Jewish Ghetto Web Quest:

A Journey into the Holocaust

This Web Quest has been adapted from the Freeman School District 358 website. The content and ideas are not my own. All copyrights are attributed to their original sources located here.


It is 1941 in Sighet, Romania. You and your family are Jewish members of the community. The BBC radio network has started giving some unsettling reports that other Jewish communities throughout Nazi-occupied Europe are being rounded up in their cities and confined to ghettos. You have also heard the same thing from some friends inn other parts of Europe through letters. As the German front starts to move closer to Sighet, you wonder if there might be some truth to the rumors, and if you need to take some precautions to leave, or if it will be OK.

During this Web Quest, you will use a number of websites to find information on the Jewish ghettos, focusing on life in the ghettos, and what happened to the people living there. At the end of the Web Quest, you will write a letter to the Sighet Jewish Council recommending whether the Jewish people should stay in Sighet or leave. Your notes will be used in your letter.

Site #1: Maps of the ghettos

Using the following links, look through maps showing the ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe.

For Your Notes:

When were the majority of Jewish Ghettos active?

How many ghettos were created?

How did the Jewish people try to resist the German soldiers?

What was the name of the largest Ghetto uprising?

When did it take place? What happened?

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